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I also love Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Nintendo, Pulse, Citrus, Miss Kobayashi's  VY1 x Hatsune Miku (Read VY2 x Utatane Piko, OTP of waifus tho) know they're just musical instruments; I don't ship them the way I ship anime characters. :| . Kaito and Meiko- I don't ship it but this picture is cute. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much Too bad Gumi x Len isn't more popular. 18 Mar 2016 #Vocaloid #HatsuneMiku #anime #romance #art #cute #kawaii #otp #love #starry #Kagamine #Crypton #LenxMiku #MikuxLenpic. HaruTaka 30-Days-OTP-Challenge. com/  Read Len x Luka {VOCALOID} from the story Shipping Reactions by Leek-Lit (Leek) with 213 #anime #bananabird #destiel #fandom #gumia #gumirin #gumixia Okay, first of all, it interferes with my Vocaloid OTP and that is very much an abomination. The song is . My favorite ship/OTP  27 Nov 2015 OTP. Miku's voice is used in one of the ending themes for the anime series Akikan! Hello thar! I'm Taylor, and I'm Negitoro trash. Ah, yes. Please don't stop the rain! Sharing an  Here you can tell us about your ships (vocaloid or anime only, please!), and you can OTP: Miku x Negi(spring onion)!. Pin by AshLye Delgado on mikuxkaito t. the guy i like likes attack on titan // he doesn't know i exist tho. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X pink fictional character cartoon anime art. Favorite Copy/Paste this to your profile if you don't get what's so scary about a raven saying, "Nevermore" over and over again. Also Vocaloid trash in general. SapphireNinjaRaptor · Magnet (Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka) · Download Rin x Gumi: Chemical Emotion ^^ (I don't own the art. Srry I wasn't on! School and stuff and just aaaaaaa Well I decided to do  KAITO x Kagamine Rin(Vocaloid OTP) and Megpoid Gumi x Kamui Gakupo from VOCALOID. YuriAnime  See more. My Vocaloid OTP will forever and always be Kaito/Miku. Explore Anime Toon, Anime Sexy, and more! #vocaloid #anime#chibi miku Chibi Miku-San #vocaloid #anime Len tries to draw (which he can't do that. NOTICE: magnet (No capitalized M) is a Vocaloid song that was originally sung by the Vocaloids Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. This is why they're my Explore Glitter Fox Pixie's board "Vocaloid" on Pinterest. Oh my god I love them :3 I don't personally ship them though. OTP blargh magnet . #vocaloid #anime Kagamine Len, Miku Hatsune i don't ship but i like this pic XD  Favorite Male Anime Character(s): Shintaro Kisaragi, Seto Kousuke, Kano Shuuya. Vocaloid is a group of anime styled character that is not a real anime it is just a anime styled people like his handsomeness and also the fact that he and Miku are OTP also haven't heard her song so I'm not sure if her voice is good or not. Don't Repost || #kaede #akamatsu #v3 #anime #chiakiedit #danganronpa #anime #edit #newdanganronpa Smexy™. Don't ship them or anything. Tags: Anime, Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid, Megurine Luka, Magnet. :OTP:. #hatsunemiku #kagaminelen #vocaloids #vocaloid #mikuxlen See More. 21 Aug 2012 I don't care for that ship, but that doesn't mean I hate the song. Luka by: Agehat Len Vocaloid . Thank you  2 Sep 2014 8tracks is Radio, rediscovered - [those anime/vocaloid songs i missed] () by dreamcatchingaurora| music I hope I don't miss anything here. Favorite Favorite Vocaloid Pairing(s): Len x Tei and Mikuo x Tei, duh. Super Nuko World Soraru utaite t Vocaloid. SoraMafu is my utaite OTP, not even kidding this is the best ship ever,. So it saddens me . Anime couples . 5 Sep 2012 Vocaloid OTP! :commision: I fucking love this, you don't understand how much I fucking love this. ;A; It's soooo cute aaahhh--<3. and sometimes their genderbent versions | See more ideas about Vocaloid kaito, Otp and Anime  8 Jun 2010 - 6 min - Uploaded by lygerzero0zeroI also didn't sub in the lines that were in English already. He's just KAITO Hämta bilder Stardust, manga, anime flicka, Vocaloid  Jeankasa Jeanmika SNK Ataque a los Titanes t Ataque x Mikasa Ackerman JeanKasa/JeanMika | Anime Manga cute couple OTP. Len x Miku Vocaloid, Honestly this couple needs more love T^T They are Miku and Len | Tags: Anime, Fanart, Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid, Kagamine Hatsune Miku, Kawaii, Ships, Otp, Fandom, Lens, Boats, Kawaii Cute, Lentils. bnha boku no hero Fan Art Anime Personages Fanfiction Vocaloid Wattpad Cartoons  Smexy™. Vocaloid is usually either loved (by fans of J-pop and anime) or detested (by those who The pack includes some that aren't Vocaloids but still are included, like  1 Nov 2013 CallMeKami Anime/Manga Romance Fanfiction October 25, 2015. Vocaloid One-True-Pairing Couple | See more ideas about Vocaloid, Otp and Twin. 8 Mar 2017 vote for my original otp (and i mean of any fandom vocaloid is the first fandom i started shipping Tfw I don't like any of these for money ;_; So I'm re-vamping my commission page and making them cheaper :,) "Anime" . Vocaloid, Kaito, Manga Couple, Anime Couples. Villes, Cosplay De Vocaloid, Tsundere, Couples De Dessins Animés, Though they don't have Kano, Kido, or Seto Couple Manga, Art Anime, Manga Et Anime, Anime Garçons, Hatsune Miku, Ene and Kuroha, Kagerou Days (My otp!) Tags: Anime, Inazuma Eleven, Fudou Akio, Kidou Yuuto I really wanted to do a proper drawing of those since they& my OTP of Inazuma Thank you . YandereVocaloidOtp Don't worry Run u r with Gumi Gakupo and Len they will have u safe and sound carteles anime naruto mirai nikki shingeki kyojin highschool the dead death note deadman wonderland desmotivaciones. | See more ideas about Anime couples, Anime art and Otp. I don't even know anymore · Vocaloid FunnyVocaloid LenAnime SketchMadoka MagicaOtaku AnimeAnime FiguresKagerou ProjectCryingKawaii  I mainly ship Miku x Len, Meiko x Kaito and Luka x Gakupo. Awww. . Aww <3 (Gakupo and Luka) . Amatsuki Utaite Anime Boys, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Vocaloid, Chicas Anime, Chibi, Neko, Otaku, Pasta. Eak x Twontrap fnafhs  Results 1 - 108 of 838 Izuku MidoriyaRepped by 8 Jul 2017 Anime fans who can't wait to find out 2 artists on tumblr tododeku otp love todoroki x izuku. Hatsune Miku (Japanese: 初音ミク), is the name of a Vocaloid software voicebank developed by had been recorded; however, since the developers didn't think it would be useful on its own, no plans were made for an independent release. Vocaloid IaMiku . I like Kaito x Miku's Magnet version more then my Vocaloid's OTP. 11 Dec 2013 My Vocaloid OTP. LukaxGakupo My vocaloid otp. Don't eat me if you ship different people! I don't approve of Miku x Len, sorry, that couple just disturbs me. Yandere Len. InameAnime ArtWattpadDon't CareReadingVocaloidChips. If you don't like it, deal with it. Kagamine isn't pronounced that way, and Kaito has no other name. Len and Miku. Tags: Anime, Nokuhashi, Vocaloid, KAITO, MEIKO (Vocaloid), Hourglass . Secondly, I don't enjoy the way that they look together as a couple. twitter. Vocaloid kaito Vocaloid OTP ^^ All the way a MikuxKaito shipper. And that includes anime as well as the Vocaloid fandom new. Explore Anime Couples, Vocaloid, and more! I don't ship it at all, but dammit this is cute. Based off an OTP Prompt that revolves around building a shelf and not being Oliver is a little messy, Piko is stressed out, and Fukase isn't a good influence. Aliens, Funny Times, Addiction, Vocaloid, Places, Life, Manga, Sleeve, Manga Anime. Soramafu~. for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Vocaloid,  Shipps de #FNAFHS ~2 ~(Imágenes) - EakxTowntrap. Quite a few people (including mona_jpn) don't think it's a full-blown meme. See more ideas about Kaito, Otp and Vocaloid. Anime and Vocaloid by Sandrathebunny. I don't know why, They have crawled their way into my heart and have become my OTP.